When the Robinhood Fintech App went down in a business crash | WIRED

on monday it was lights went out again at robinhood.

robinhood hasn’t yet mentioned whether this time around is the exact problem.

Robinhood has drawn millions of members, earned nearly $1bn, and was currently estimated at $7.6bn.

Jake Baumann, a customer of Robinhood in Argyle, Texas, says he’s a huge fan of the open, no-fee trading business.

baumann notes that his business was not impacted by last week’s outages, and he was pleased with reassurances that the firm was focusing on the technological problems.

i am feeling terrible,’ he notes.

dozens of other consumers have become more direct monday, sharing photos on twitter and reddit saying they’ve transferred money somewhere.

On Monday afternoon the firm claimed it had resumed much of its operating activities.

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