Current Portfolio

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Payment.Ninja is an integrated payment solution for online businesses, which helps to save money on payment fees.
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Lazer Wallet

Mobile wallet application which can be used to make purchases online and in-store, as well as manage and pay household bills.
Mark is a platform for micro-influencer marketing and mobile wallet, which enables users to make money on social networks and get paid cash.
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Fundraize is a non-profit crowdfunding platform which help charities and individuals in need of financial assistance to raise necessary funds without incurring huge fees.
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Cardera is a cloud-based payment gateway solution for banks, financial institutions, payment processors, and platforms. Cardera is an easy to deploy and cost-effective way to run your payments business and increase ROI.
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Monetisation platform for online and mobile games, which help gaming studious generate revenues on the international markets.
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Remitd is software platfrom for money transfer businesses, which takes care of funding and pay-out options, partner networks, AML and compliance, as well as providing white-label software solutions for MSBs.
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SmartSend is Canadian-focused money transfer application with the goal to make sending money cheaper, faster and simpler.
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StopRisk is a cloud-based anti-fraud service helps to significantly decrease losses by e-commerce merchants.
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Wallet Factory

Wallet Factory is a mobile wallet platform helping financial institutions launch white-label mobile payments solutions targeting emerging markets.